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assalamualaikum warahmatullah..ape khabar semua geng2 aku?lama betul rasanya tak blogging.aku pun agak sibuk bulan lepas cuz exam sem mtk maaf la kpd mereka2 yg aku dah lama tak contact...and then,aku bercuti ke setiap negeri yg ada kawan2 aku menetap..mula2 tanta,damanhur,alexandria,damietta dan pastu ke port said n then cruise terusan suez ke port fuad..seminggu aku jalan2..penat betol..and ujung2 cuti aku ke kompleks pyramid giza,citadel salahudin al ayubi n paling best,aku g ras el bar-setengah jam dr damietta..tempat ptemuan sungai nil dan laut mediterranean..cantik betol tempat tu.tapi dalam gambar yg diambil tak berapa jelas sangat.cuz nampak sangat perbezaan pada pertemuan,kalau nak tengok sangat kena datang sendiri la ye..hehehe.. aku dan pengawal tidak berkepala at giza

me and my brother,irsyad at giza

aku dan zul,atas kapal masa cruise port said

satu negeri,satu sekolah,satu rumah sewa time stam,
satu universiti, ras el bar

aku dan fuad,at ras el bar

ras el bar in the morning

ras el bar

aku yang terlampau seronok
padahal sejuk cuz aku pkai jaket nipis je..huhu..

A lil' bit on our History text book~

Every year Malaysians nationwide celebrates August 31st as their independence day.With sparkle fireworks,and marching army,with colorful girls and boy,doing tifoes(arranging coloring cards so that we saw words from far,like football fans used to doing it),and there's thousands of spectators watching as tanks,jet fighter and helicopters fly at the sky.
But is that really Malaysia independent on August 31st?Is that includes Sabah and Sarawak?If before this on my July post I'm saying about Sabah-Phillipines thingy,where is appriciation towards both states if we keep celebrating August 31st as Malaysian National Day?
One more question,"is that we really,really independent?"

Among my peers,I'm the first person who declared as "Malaysian history text book denier".I deny Malaysian history text book as early as I'm 15 years old,when I attempted PMR exams.I managed to score 8As of exams,but something bothers me.
If you Malaysians,really read your text book,i mean really focused on it,no bubble gums in your mouth or not reading it by listening your i-Pod,words by words,there will be a missing chapter.
  1. What happen in between 1920s(where's those reformist from Al-Azhar such as newspaper of Al Imam etc) until World War II occured?In my slang,"period between Two World Wars"?
  2. What happen in between,after World War II until UMNO existance in 1946?From August 1945 until May 1946?There must be some leaders from AMCJA,Fifth Column,Kesatuan Melayu Muda will mobilized political rally against re-conquer attempt by British.
  3. What happen between UMNO existance in 1946 until so-called "Independence Day" on August 31st,1957?

Well,you wouldn't notice,don't you?Because most of us reading it because "the teacher said so".You've even not noticing a single gap because no one could ever told you,because even the teacher itself born after independence day.And the text book has been written by government,which is UMNO-BN.OK,if I be a government,I wouldn't tell my people that I always fart like a nuke bomb when I wake up in the morning(which I didn't) and I don't tell my people that I like biting nail despite there's a dirt there(which I didn't).I will tell my people that I was 100 metre school record holder(which I didn't),or I was the one who taking student's oath at morning assembly(which I didn't).I put it brief,THE GOVERNMENT won't tell it's bad to public.My question is,what happen in these missing gaps?

And then it goes like saying,"I've watched Hati Malaya-1957",hello,it's fictional,it's just a movie,or "Embun".Duh.Watch "10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka(part 1)(part 2)(part 3)(part 4)".It's not a movie,it's DOCUMENTARY.

And finally Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted "Merdeka,Merdeka,Merdeka!" at Merdeka Stadium and hooraaay we merdeka.But you guys forget one thing,Malayan Emergency which occured between 1948 declared by British High Commissioner until 1960.Wait,is that we "merdeka" in 1957?Why British High Commissioner declaration still valid until 1960?And just after Malayan Emergency is over in July 31st,1960,on August 1st,1960,the act has been enacted under Article 149 Malaysian Constitutional,Internal Security Act,which will pre-emptively catching someone who SUSPECTED as threat of country(not UMNO).But we used to misquoted here,we used to think that UMNO=BN=NEGARA.Teettt!!You're wrong.So,are we "merdeka" yet?

Dear,we are not.

It's not political view,it's a fact.We still follows British rules,who proclaim us as merdeka?During 1963-1965 when Singapore is under Malaysia,Singaporean follows Malaysian rules.But after August 9th,1965,Singapore is under Singaporean rules.That's merdeka.
Meanwhile,keep waving our flags for this fake Independence Day.Happy Fake Independence Day Malaysia..
oppss..even the fake Independence Day are not correct.It'sSeptember 16,1963,where Sabah and Sarawak emerged with Malaysia.Before that,it was Malaya.So,if we celebrate August 31st as our Fake Independence Day,it's for Malaya,not Malaysia.

So,should I wait until September 16th?Double meaning,right?

Credit to Ez

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