Erotic images can turn you blind

18:09 12 August 2005 news service
Gaia Vince

Researchers have finally found evidence for what good Catholic boys have known all along – erotic images make you go blind. The effect is temporary and lasts just a moment, but the research has added to road-safety campaigners’ calls to ban sexy billboard-advertising near busy roads, in the hope of preventing accidents.

The new study by US psychologists found that people shown erotic or gory images frequently fail to process images they see immediately afterwards. And the researchers say some personality types appear to be affected more than others by the phenomenon, known as “emotion-induced blindness”.

David Zald, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and Marvin Chun and colleagues from Yale University in Connecticut, showed hundreds of images to volunteers and asked them to pick a specific image from the rapid sequence. Most of the images were landscape or architectural scenes, but the psychologists included a few emotionally charged images, portraying violent or sexually provocative scenes.

The closer these emotionally charged images occurred prior to the target image, the more frequently people failed to spot the target image, the researchers found.

“We observed that people failed to detect visual images that appeared one-fifth of a second after emotional images, whereas they can detect those images with little problem after neutral images,” Zald says.

Primitive brain

“We think there is essentially a bottleneck for information processing and if a certain type of stimulus captures attention, it can jam up the bottleneck so subsequent information can’t get through,” Zald explains. “It appears to happen involuntarily. The stimulus captures attention and once allocated to that particular stimulus, no other stimuli can get through” for several tenths of a second.

He believes that a primitive part of the brain, known as the amygdala, may play a part. That region is involved in evaluating sensory input according to its emotional relevance and has an autonomic role, influencing heart rate and sweating.

“It is possible that emotionally-charged stimuli produce preferential rapid routing of the impulse that bypasses the slower cortical route via the amygdala," Zald told New Scientist. "Patients with amygdala lesions pick out the target image without reacting to violent images, although they show normal blindness reactions when sexual images are introduced, which suggests another mechanism may also be involved.”

Harm avoiders

The researchers think emotion-induced blindness could lead to drivers simply not seeing another car or pedestrian if they have just witnessed an emotionally charged scene, such as an accident or sexually explicit billboard.

The effect could exacerbate the more obvious problem of drivers simply being distracted by large, arresting images. "It's the responsibility of drivers to ensure that when they are behind the wheel they keep their eyes on the job in hand," says a spokeswoman from Brake, a UK road safety organisation.

And some people are more vulnerable than others. The study assessed participants using a personality questionnaire, rating them according to their level of “harm avoidance”. Those scoring highly were more fearful, careful and cautious; those scoring low were more carefree and more comfortable in difficult or dangerous situations.

The researchers found that those with low harm avoidance scores were better able to stay focused on a target image than those with high harm avoidance scores.

“People who are more harm avoidant may not be detecting negative stimuli more than other people, but they have a greater difficulty suppressing that information,” Zald suggests.

The Brake spokeswoman says companies should think about the consequences of placing emotionally charged billboards at dangerous road junctions: “We should be concerned if drivers are experiencing split-second breaks in concentration, which could result in an accident or death on the roads.”

Journal reference: Psychonomic Bulletin and Review (August 2005 issue)

when a boy ..

when a BOY is quiet,
he has nothing to say ..

when a BOY is not arguing,
he is not in the mood of arguing ..

when a BOY looks at u with eyes full of questions,
he is really confused ..

when a BOY answers "i'm fine" after a few seconds,
he is actully fine ..

when a BOY stares at you,
he is either amazed or angry ..

when a BOY lays in your lap,
he is wishing for you to be his forever ..

when a BOY calls you everyday,
he is spending a lot of talk time to get your attention ..

when a BOY sms's u everyday,
he is forwarding them lol ..

when a BOY says i love you,
it's not the first time ..

when a BOY says that he can't live without you,
he has made up his mind that you are his for at least a week ..

when a girl ...

when a GIRL is quiet,
millions of things r running in her mind ..

when a GIRL is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply ..

when a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions,
she is wondering how long you will be around ..

when a GIRL answers "i'm fine" after a few seconds,
she is not at all fine ..

when a GIRL stares at you,
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when a GIRL says i hate you,
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Berhati-hati dengan Lirik Lagu

Pada akhir tahun 60-an dan awal 70-an, ramai yang mempercayai bahawa lagu-lagu popular Inggeris ada mengandungi mesej tersirat apabila dimainkan secara songsang. Contohnya kalau ada lagu yang berbunyi "Dog Si Eh" apabila mendengarnya secara biasa, apabila dimainkan songsang lagu tersebut akan berbunyi "He is God". Banyak kumpulan rock ketika itu berlumba-lumba cuba memasukkan "mesej tersirat" ini di dalam lagu mereka, secara sedar ataupun tidak sedar, seperti The Beatles, The Eagles, Led Zepplin, Kiss, Styx dan banyak lagi.

Namun, terdapat beberapa lagu yang mempunyai mesej songsang ini dimasukkan secara tidak sengaja. Maksudnya, ketika penulis lagu tersebut hendak memasukkan lirik, beliau tidak menyangka bahawa liriknya akan berbunyi lain apabila dimainkan secara songsang. Jika dilihat bagaimana halusnya mesej tersebut dimasukkan, ramai yang berpendapat bahawa lagu tersebut hanya boleh dilakukan oleh kuasa yang bukan milik manusia. Dalam konteks ini, ramai yang berpendapat bahawa perkara dilakukan oleh iblis sendiri untuk mengelirukan umat manusia.

  • Hotel California (The Eagles)
Selalu kita dengar di corong-corong radio dan selalu juga menjadi "favourite" di kelab karaoke. Mungkin ramai yang tidak sedar bahawa lgu ini bukanlah menceritakan tentang hotel seperti Shangri La atau Concorde, tetapi lagu ini mengisahkan tentang gereja syaitan yang pertama di Amerika Syarikat diasaskan oleh Anton Le Vay pada tahun 1969. California di sini merupakan nama sebatang jalan di Los Angeles terletaknya mana gereja syaitan tersebut. Ramai artis terkenal ketika itu menganggotai gereja ini.

Sebelum generasi baru kini mengenal CD, orang-orang duhulu menggunakan piring hitam. Kulit dalam album Hotel California memaparkan gambar lobby sebuah hotel yang dipenuhi oleh pengunjung. Namun jika diperhatikan betul-betul, imej lelaki di belakang kaunter hotel tersebut bukanlah sebuah gambar, tetapi sebuah "lukisan" yang di "paste" kan dalam gambar tersebut. Lelaki tersebut ialah Anton Le Vay. Jika anda lihat di bahagian atas sebelah kanan, anda akan dapat melihat lembaga perempuan yang agak menakutkan sedang menerkam dari atas ke pengunjung yang berada di bawah. Selain itu, ada baris dalam lagu tersebut yang apabila dimainkan secara biasa akan kedengaran:

"There were voices down the corridor, thought I heard them say, Welcome to the hotel California."

Namun bila dimainkan secara songsang, mesejnya akan berbunyi:
"Yeah Satan, he organized, oh, he organized his own religion. Yeah, when he knows he should, how nice it was delicious, he puts it in a vet he fixes it for his son which he gives away".

Lirik lagu tersebut mengisahkan perihal seorang lelaki yang sesat di tengah jalan padang pasir yang gelap terjumpa dengan sebuah bangunan seperti hotel yang mana seterusnya beliau bermalam. Kemudian beliau menceritakan bagaimana beliau berjumpa dengan berbagai penghuni hotel yang pelik-pelik dan seterusnya terserempak dengan suatu upacara pemujaan di dalam sebuah bilik "In the master's chambers, they gathered for a feast. They stabbed it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast". Permandangan ini menakutkan beliau dan beliau cuba lari dari tempat tersebut. Namun apabila beliau tiba di pintu, beliau ditahan oleh penjaga bangunan tersebut yang mengatakan "you can check out anytime you like, but you could NEVER leave...."

Menurut Glenn Frey dan Don Henley, penulis lagu tersebut, ketika menulis lirik "Hotel California" mereka seakan didorong oleh "kuasa ghaib" yang "menuliskan" liriknya. Dua tiga hari selepas lagu tersebut siap, barulah mereka mengetahui bagaimana lirik lagu tersebut menceritakan perihal gereja Anton Le Vay tersebut sedangkan mereka langsung tidak menyedari sebelumnya.

  • Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

Lagu ini merupakan contoh pertama apabila berbicara tentang mesej syaitan yang disongsangkan dalam lagu. Ketika itu, Led Zepplin merupakan peminat Aleister Crowley, salah seorang paderi syaitan yang terkenal di barat. Malah Jimmy Page, anggota kumpulan Led Zepplin telah membeli rumah Crowley di Scotland tidak lama dahulu, yang dikenali oleh pengikut syaitan sebagai "The Toolhouse" dan sebelum ini digunakan sebagai lokasi pemujaan Crowley juga menggalakkan pengikutnya supaya belajar bercakap dan membaca secara songsang.

Salah satu dari petikan lagu tersebut, apabila dimainkan secara biasa akan berbunyi:
"If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alone now, it's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes there are two paths you can go back, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on".

Tetapi apabila disongsangkan, lagu tersebut akan berbunyi:
"Here's to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is satan. He'll give you 666, there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan".

Satu lagi baris lagu tersebut berbunyi:
"Your stairway lies on the whispering wind"

Dan apabila disongsangkan akan berbunyi:
"Because I live with Satan"

Layari jika anda tidak percaya

Kalau dilihat contoh-contoh di atas, perhatikan bagaimana bahasa yang jika dipertuturkan secara biasa membawa sesuatu erti tetapi apabila disongsangkan membawa erti yang sungguh berlainan sekali. Contohnya apabila kita menyebut "wake up", apabila disongsangkan akan seolah-olah berbunyi "f**k you".

Wanita vs Pokok Semalu

Untuk renungan bersama....

Pada suatu hari, Rasulullah s.a.w berjalan-jalan bersama puteri baginda, Saidatina Fatimah r.a. Setibanya mereka berdua di bawah sebatang pohon tamar, Fatimah terpijak pohon semalu, kakinya berdarah lalu mengadu kesakitan. Fatimah mengatakan kepada bapanya apalah gunanya pohon semalu itu berada di situ dengan nada yang sedikit marah. Rasulullah dengan tenang berkata kepada puteri kesayangannya itu bahawasanya pohon semalu itu amat berkait rapat dengan wanita. Fatimah terkejut. Rasulullah menyambung kata-katanya lagi. Para wanita hendaklah mengambil pengajaran daripada pohon semalu ini dari 4 aspek.

Pertama, pohon semalu akan kuncup apabila disentuh. Ini boleh diibaratkan bahawa wanita perlu mempunyai perasaan malu (pada tempatnya).

Kedua, semalu mempunyai duri yang tajam untuk mempertahankan dirinya. Oleh itu, wanita perlu tahu mempertahankan diri dan maruah sebagai seorang wanita muslim.

Ketiga, semalu juga mempunyai akar tunjang yang sangat kuat dan mencengkam bumi. Ini bermakna wanita solehah hendaklah mempunyai keterikatan yang sangat kuat dengan Allah Rabbul Alamin.

Dan akhir sekali, semalu akan kuncup dengan sendirinya apabila senja menjelang. Oleh itu, para wanita sekalian, kembalilah ke rumahmu apabila waktu semakin senja. Ambillah pengajaran dari semalu walau pun ia hanya sepohon tumbuhan yang kecil.