On The Feast

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Faiz dengan gayanya cool nya yang tersendiri.......

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Wan, Sobre dengan posing mautnya.........

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Gambar ni blur la. I wonder who is the cameraman/camerawoman????

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Izzati with her Hot Wheels car gave by Farid. CTM still with her (what do we called it)???, oh ya keayuannya.

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Arifah, sleepy aah!!!
Rafhanah, dah la tu makan. Cukupla woi

Note: The date on the pictures are not precise with the current date.



Sulaman kasih baju kebaya
Kain batiknya berbelah tepi
Bila terkenang budi dan jasa
Hati pilu sayu sepi

Kain songket tenunan tangan
Buatan nan rapi lagi berseri
Sekalung doa mengiringi pemergian
Agar rohmu senantiasa dirahmati

Ucapan takziah dan rasa pilu yang teramat kepada
YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sekeluarga
atas pemergian isteri dan bonda tercinta
Ybhg. Datin Seri Paduka Endon Dato' Mahmood Ambak ke Rahmatullah

Sample Answer of Question 1 Paper 1 Malacca Trial Exam 2005 by Muhammad Akmal Zainal Abidin, September 2005

Thank you to the Master of Ceremony. A very good morning to the Principal, Senior Assistant One, Senior Assistant of Students Affair, Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum, teachers and students on the floor. I feel greatly honoured and privileged to stand here before you to give a talk. As a Health Officer from The Ministry of Health, I have been invited by the Parent-Teacher Association of PTA of this school to give a speech to all of you about “How to prevent dengue in school”.

Many of us are very afraid of this deadly disease. Actually this disease occurred because of out bad habits. We throw rubbish everywhere we want, let out environment dirty and many more. This disease is not a mosquito’s fault. It is our fault. So, today I will tell all of you how to prevent this fearful and deadly disease in school.

First, the students must clean up the school compound. The cleaning must be done everyday to demolish the entire mosquitoes’ habitats. The mosquitoes usually sting people in the morning and evening. So, students do not need an exercise in the morning. They just have to divide in groups and start the cleaning operations immediately. The teachers have to keep an eye on the students to avoid them from playing truant fro these cleaning operations.

Teachers also play an enormous role in this disease prevention. They need to create awareness through exhibitions such as “Meet The Aedes”, “Know About Mosquitoes” and “Dengue The Deadly Disease” must be held at schools. Through these exhibitions, students will be exposed about dengue. Teachers also must send students to anti dengue seminars. During these seminars, students will be thought about how to prevent dengue fever in school. Thus, the dengue fever cases in school will be reduced.

Parents are also very important people in these dengue preventions. They have to come to the school when there is anti-dengue campaign. They have to teach their children about dengue fever and encourage them to be clean anytime, and anywhere. They also must support the school with the cleaning operations, exhibitions, and campaigns by donating some money or at least offer a hand. By the parents’ support, the anti-dengue campaign will be held excellently. As a result, this deadly disease of dengue cases in school will be reduced and finally the school will be cleared from this disease.

The Municipal Council also must helps and supports the school during the anti-dengue campaigns by provides services such as supplying the tools. They must cooperate with the students and teachers to ensure the cleaning operations are done excellently. With the support by the Municipal Council, the high risk or dangerous area at the school will be cleaned easily. They cannot allow students to clean underground drains and pipes on the roof.

Finally, I hope you are benefited with my advice today. I hope the school will take actions in anti-dengue campaigns. All of us must appreciate our health because it is a priceless gift from our God. Okay, that is all for my speech today. Remember, “Prevention is better than cure” and “Health is wealth”. Thank you.

Changes I Would Like to Have in My School by Muhammad Akmal Zainal Abidin, September 2005

School is the place where people sit and study. It is also a place that keeps many memorable things. Some students meet their first love in school but some students meet their horrible and terrible memories in their school. The school’s environment plays an important role in a student’s excellence. My school needs many changes because it is very old.

Firstly, the entrance of the school must have scanners that able to check anything from as small as a molecule until big as an elephant. This scanners record anything that pass it. If it finds any suspicious things such as drugs, cigarettes, porn CD’s and weapons, the controller room will be alerted and the enforcement team will catch the person.

The car park is also equipped with high performance lock that can prevent the teachers’ car from being stolen. This lock can be opened with the secret code. The car park is also secured with armed guards to ensure the safety of the teachers’ cars.

The canteen in my school must be secured with hidden cameras and laser scanners to avoid students from stealing the food. The business at the canteen is done by the professionals with high technology tools to ensure satisfaction among the students. The food served is also nourished and delicious. The price is also affordable.

The hall of my school is enormous, wide and beautiful. It is equipped with surround sound by Dolby Digital Company, extra comfortable cushions and designed by an architect from Japan. The huge screen from Victor Company of Japan (JVC) gives clear vision to the audience. The hall is also secured by hidden cameras and equipped with fire extinguisher that is able to prevent huge fire in just 0.0002 seconds.

On my school tower, there is a landing area for helicopters. My principal is a multi billionaire person. So, he goes to school in his helicopters to avoid traffic jams in the city. There is also a mini zoo to enable students to research and learn more about zoology. There are about 50 types of animals in the mini zoo.

The schools’ science laboratory is equipped with modern tools and high technology gadgets. The laboratory is also secured by hidden cameras and laser scanners to ensure no students steal the tools from the laboratory. There is a special room for the nuclear and radioactive lessons. It located 15 kilometres underground to ensure the safety of the chemicals.

The computer laboratory is very huge. There are 2586 computers, 1838 laptops and 923 pocket PC’s. The internet connection is very fast as it equipped with the latest modem from Japan. The laboratory is a wireless connectivity area that enable students use their wireless gadgets everywhere in this laboratory with no borders.

My school is equipped with international sports facilities. There are tennis court, badminton court, football and hockey stadium, basketball court and cycling tracks. The courts, stadiums and the track is 100 percent safe from any dangers.

These changes in my school will help students to understand more about their lessons. With technology tools and gadgets, secured with cameras and laser scanners, I think my school will be the safest, cleanest and most beautiful school in the world.