Keputusan PMR 2005

Tahniah kami ucapkan kepada 6 orang pelajar tingkatan tiga Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tun Perak kerana berjaya mendapat semua A dalam 9 mata pelajaran yang diambil. Subjek-subjek tersebut termasuk, Bahasa Melayu; Bahasa Inggeris; Bahasa Arab Komunikasi; Matematik, Sains, Geografi; Sejarah; Kemahiran Hidup; dan Pendidikan Islam. Walaupun ada pihak yang bergembira dan berduka, namun perkara yang paling penting adalah kesungguhan semua pihak terutamanya tenaga pengajar yang begitu dedikasi dan bertungkus-lumus memastikan kejayaan anak-anak buah mereka. Teruskan usaha bagi pelajar-pelajar yang telah berjaya dan jangan sekali-kali kecewa bagi pelajar-pelajar yang kurang berjaya. Enam orang pelajar cemerlang pada tahun ini adalah:

  • Mohd Jaafar Sadiq bin Abdullah,
  • Mohd Naqiuddin bin Ismail,
  • Ku Amirul bin Ku Yin,
  • Ahmad Muslim,
  • Siti Zubaidah, dan
  • Siti Sarah bt Yasmin.

Mohd Jaafar Sadiq bin Abdullah

Mohd Naqiuddin bin Ismail

Image hosted by
Ahmad Muslim

Siti Zubaidah

Walau bagaimanapun, kami mengalu-alukan kerjasama anda dengan menghantar gambar pelajar-pelajar tersebut kepada kami melalui e-mel, Anda juga boleh berkongsi pengalaman anda dengan kami. Tahniah sekali lagi dan terima kasih kepada saudara Khairul Anuar bin Abu Kasim (Ketua Pelajar SMKTP 2005) atas maklumat yang telah diberikan.

She's back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who?? Teacher Daslina is back on TV. She's on Sempurnakan harimu (TV3). But this time, she won. She won approximately RM 12 750.00

Here are some screenshot that I can give you all....

Senyap!! Peperiksaan Sedang Dijalankan

We saw this sign everyday during our exam..

This is our examination hall looks like. This was where we spent our holiday this year..

Last day of SPM 2005 Exam

Before the last paper, EST paper 2

After the last paper, EST paper 2. Anything different???

Sibuk je la wak(mustaqeem) ni. Kacau daun je.....

Yusri lets others to write anything they want on his shirt. Actually not his shirt.

That's why, no worry in his face. Don't angry with me ok.


Sebuah novel bersiri bertajuk Cinta Poligon akan disiarkan di blog saya beralamat tidak lama lagi. Novel ini merupakan sebuah karya yang pertama ditulis oleh saya. Oleh itu, saya berharap semua pelawat blogspot dapat mengikuti novel bersiri ini. Antara watak-watak yang terdapat dalam novel Cinta Poligon ialah:

  • Marzuki Kamal
  • Akmal Zainal
  • Alice Wong
  • Brenda Song
  • Ashley Tisdale
  • Sobry Y
  • Ashley Olsen

Novel ini mengisahkan suka duka dalam kehidupan Marzuki dalam menempuh cabaran-cabaran dalam hidupnya. Saya menamakan novel ini Cinta Poligon kerana dalam novel ini, Marzuki sangat mencintai Ashley Olsen. Brenda Song dan seorang rakannya pula mencintai Marzuki. Kemunculan Ashley Tisdale menyebabkan Marzuki melupakan Ashley Olsen dan jatuh cinta terhadap Ashley Tisdale. Itulah sedikit cebisan mengenai novel ini. Saya akan menyiarkan siri pertama Cinta Poligon secepat mungkin. Terima kasih.

How Different Are Men from Women

Are they that different?

Apart from the physical attributes, there are some other differences between men and women. Here are some trivial differences which we seldom read about.

One difference is that more men do not wash their hands after going to the bathroom compared to women. Men reason that their hands look clean and therefore there is no necessity to wash them. Such unclean hands can lead to unwanted mishaps especially if a person eats or handles food right after going to the toilet. The Food and Drink Federation carried out a research to find out the presence of germs in unwashed hands. People were asked to make an impression of their unwashed hands on a special jelly. When the imprint was tested, it was found not only was there bacteria there but they actually grew in those unwashed hands. I bet you will notice the gender of the person you buy food from in the near future.

Who do you think is more likely to be more struck by lightning? Data shows that men are more likely to be killed by lightning than women are. A report shows that 86% of those killed by lightning are men. The unfortunate ones were playing golf, or working outdoors, or were under trees, or in boats during an electrical storm. Men are exposed and therefore are more likely to be killed by lightning because they spend more time outdoors compared to women.

Women can smell better than men. Did you know that? Women are more sensitive to many different odours. Studies conducted on the smelling ability of men and women indicate that smells activate a larger part of the brain cells in women that in men. According to psychologist, women can identify even the slightest smell.

Who do you think hiccups more often, men or women? It is proven that men get hiccups more often than women do. How do hiccups start? They start when there is too little carbon dioxide in the bloodstream or when the person eats too fast. Hiccups are kind of a reminder that actually helps control breathing. People say that drinking ice water, swallowing three times without inhaling in between; pulling the forefingers, dropping a bunch of cold keys on one’s back, getting fright or standing on the head can actually stop the hiccups. So, knowing this difference between men and women, you can guess who are likely to be seen standing on their heads.

We would like you to share your opinion with all visitors. Please kindly write down your comments.

Studying English



IELTS is an assessment that tests the skills of candidates that will be used when they apply to study or train in special areas where the medium of instruction is English. It is widely accepted in most Canadian, British, Australian, and New Zealand institutions. IELTS is usually a pre-requisite of entry into institutions and work placements situated within the countries listed above.


TOEFL is a test to measure the English language proficiency of nonnative speakers of English specifically going to the US. It is widely accepted by most North American colleges, universities and institutions. Exams are conducted worldwide and are usually computer-based.


TOEIC assesses nonnative speakers of English in a working environment. It is accepted by most multinational corporations as an English language standard for job seekers. TOEIC is currently the world's leading test for English proficiency in terms of the commercial world.


ELS Language Centres are well known for their English training courses catering to all types of people ranging from children to working adults. Established in 1990, ELS Malaysia has 6 centres situated around Malaysia. There are around 100 ELS centres in the world, some having more than 40 years of experience in language training. ELS Malaysia develops its students' confidence by improving their English language proficiency and helps teach English to the world.



Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) is the national language and it is understood by most of the population, but each ethnic group has its own language or dialect. Due to the colonial past, English is still widely used, especially in commerce.


Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is situated in the Klang Valley, together with other major towns like Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam and Klang. These towns are well connected by highways and rail.

Other major cities in the north are Penang, and Ipoh whereas Johor Bahru, the "Southern Gate" is very near to Singapore. All major towns have airports and well constructed highways.

East Malaysia comprises of two states, that is Sarawak and Sabah. Major towns in Sarawak are Kuching, which is the capital, Miri, near Brunei and Sibu. The major towns in Sabah are Kota Kinabalu (capital), Sandakan, and Tawau. All the mentioned towns have airports. Road transport however, is not as fully developed compared to Peninsula Malaysia.


There are no distinct seasons, and temperatures vary little the year round. The daytime temperature ranges between 32°-35° C (90°-98°F). At night the temperature drops to between 21° and 23° C. The humidity is high all year round. The average annual rainfall varies from 2,000 to 2,500 mm (80-100 ins.)

November to February is the rainy season for the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, the north-eastern part of Sabah and the western part of Sarawak. During the months of April, May and October, the west coast of the peninsular experiences occasional thunderstorms in the afternoons. Showers are heavy but they clear up as quickly as they come.


All major towns and cities have scheduled bus services. Bus fares are inexpensive - about RM1 (around US$0.30) per inner-city trip. Taxis are also available, but beware, they will not always use the meter or may ask for a surcharge at peak times. Check before getting in. Long distance buses connect most of the cities and large towns. Almost all state capitals have an airport, so flying around the country is quite easy.

The Light Rail Transit (LRT) is the latest addition and is fast gaining popularity. This service is only found in the Klang Valley and the coaches are fully air-conditioned.


Western style clothing can be found in Malaysia, but as most Malaysians are considerably smaller than Westerners it is not always easy to find large and extra large sizes. You will be able to find clothes with large and extra large labels, but these are Asian large and extra large. It is possible to have clothes made at reasonable cost.


Food, glorious food! Yes it's all here. Malay, Chinese and Indian are the main kinds of food available. American food chains such as McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Swensons, Baskin Robins and Pizza Hut are in most large towns. There are also Japanese and Korean restaurants. KL and PJ have the widest selection of "foreign" restaurants. Nearly every international hotel has an Italian restaurant, though not very authentic. A local meal at a food centre or open air coffee shop costs around RM3 to RM4 (US$1.30 - 1.60) per meal. A meal at McDonald's is around RM5.20 (US$2.80). You can expect to pay between US$10-15 for a meal at international hotels.

Supermarkets vary considerably from city to city; some will be stocked with lots of Western and Japanese food, while others will only have local produce. PJ, KL, and JB have perhaps the best selection of foreign food as they have the largest expatriate communities.

Tap water is drinkable, but most people choose to drink bottled water which is readily available at stores.


All cities have movie theatres that show local and foreign movies. The theater scene is beginning to grow in KL, but in the outer regions it is almost non-existent. From time to time it is possible to see international performers in KL. People in JB have access to a very wide variety of international performances in Singapore.

Six Malaysian television channels broadcast in Malay, Chinese, Tamil and English. Many western produced programmes are shown. Satellite television has recently been introduced, and it is rapidly gaining popularity.

All large towns have sporting facilities. Golf is popular in Malaysia, but relatively expensive. Health clubs and "country clubs" abound, prices vary considerably depending on the status of the establishment.

Most shopping centres have bookstores selling English books. There are several local English Language newspapers. International newspapers are rather scarce, but one can subscribe to them. Most international news-magazines, such as Time, Newsweek, Economist, etc., are readily available. Subscription rates are often ½ the newsstand price.


Islam is the official religion of the country. But freedom of worship is enjoyed and so it is not uncommon to see mosques, temples and churches sharing a common neighbourhood. Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, and Christianity are among the other religions practised in Malaysia. Most churches conduct at least one of their services in English.

Erotic images can turn you blind

18:09 12 August 2005 news service
Gaia Vince

Researchers have finally found evidence for what good Catholic boys have known all along – erotic images make you go blind. The effect is temporary and lasts just a moment, but the research has added to road-safety campaigners’ calls to ban sexy billboard-advertising near busy roads, in the hope of preventing accidents.

The new study by US psychologists found that people shown erotic or gory images frequently fail to process images they see immediately afterwards. And the researchers say some personality types appear to be affected more than others by the phenomenon, known as “emotion-induced blindness”.

David Zald, from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and Marvin Chun and colleagues from Yale University in Connecticut, showed hundreds of images to volunteers and asked them to pick a specific image from the rapid sequence. Most of the images were landscape or architectural scenes, but the psychologists included a few emotionally charged images, portraying violent or sexually provocative scenes.

The closer these emotionally charged images occurred prior to the target image, the more frequently people failed to spot the target image, the researchers found.

“We observed that people failed to detect visual images that appeared one-fifth of a second after emotional images, whereas they can detect those images with little problem after neutral images,” Zald says.

Primitive brain

“We think there is essentially a bottleneck for information processing and if a certain type of stimulus captures attention, it can jam up the bottleneck so subsequent information can’t get through,” Zald explains. “It appears to happen involuntarily. The stimulus captures attention and once allocated to that particular stimulus, no other stimuli can get through” for several tenths of a second.

He believes that a primitive part of the brain, known as the amygdala, may play a part. That region is involved in evaluating sensory input according to its emotional relevance and has an autonomic role, influencing heart rate and sweating.

“It is possible that emotionally-charged stimuli produce preferential rapid routing of the impulse that bypasses the slower cortical route via the amygdala," Zald told New Scientist. "Patients with amygdala lesions pick out the target image without reacting to violent images, although they show normal blindness reactions when sexual images are introduced, which suggests another mechanism may also be involved.”

Harm avoiders

The researchers think emotion-induced blindness could lead to drivers simply not seeing another car or pedestrian if they have just witnessed an emotionally charged scene, such as an accident or sexually explicit billboard.

The effect could exacerbate the more obvious problem of drivers simply being distracted by large, arresting images. "It's the responsibility of drivers to ensure that when they are behind the wheel they keep their eyes on the job in hand," says a spokeswoman from Brake, a UK road safety organisation.

And some people are more vulnerable than others. The study assessed participants using a personality questionnaire, rating them according to their level of “harm avoidance”. Those scoring highly were more fearful, careful and cautious; those scoring low were more carefree and more comfortable in difficult or dangerous situations.

The researchers found that those with low harm avoidance scores were better able to stay focused on a target image than those with high harm avoidance scores.

“People who are more harm avoidant may not be detecting negative stimuli more than other people, but they have a greater difficulty suppressing that information,” Zald suggests.

The Brake spokeswoman says companies should think about the consequences of placing emotionally charged billboards at dangerous road junctions: “We should be concerned if drivers are experiencing split-second breaks in concentration, which could result in an accident or death on the roads.”

Journal reference: Psychonomic Bulletin and Review (August 2005 issue)

when a boy ..

when a BOY is quiet,
he has nothing to say ..

when a BOY is not arguing,
he is not in the mood of arguing ..

when a BOY looks at u with eyes full of questions,
he is really confused ..

when a BOY answers "i'm fine" after a few seconds,
he is actully fine ..

when a BOY stares at you,
he is either amazed or angry ..

when a BOY lays in your lap,
he is wishing for you to be his forever ..

when a BOY calls you everyday,
he is spending a lot of talk time to get your attention ..

when a BOY sms's u everyday,
he is forwarding them lol ..

when a BOY says i love you,
it's not the first time ..

when a BOY says that he can't live without you,
he has made up his mind that you are his for at least a week ..

when a girl ...

when a GIRL is quiet,
millions of things r running in her mind ..

when a GIRL is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply ..

when a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions,
she is wondering how long you will be around ..

when a GIRL answers "i'm fine" after a few seconds,
she is not at all fine ..

when a GIRL stares at you,
she is wondering why you r lying ..

when a GIRL says i hate you,
she means that u have hurt her deeply ..

when a GIRL lays on your chest,
she is wishing for you to be hers forever ..

when a GIRL calls you everyday,
she is seeking for your attention ..

when a GIRL sms's u everyday,
she wants you to reply at least once ..

when a GIRL says i love you,
she means it ..

when a GIRL says that she can't live without you,
she has made up her mind that you r her future ..

when a GIRL says "i miss you",
no one in this world can miss you more than her ....

Berhati-hati dengan Lirik Lagu

Pada akhir tahun 60-an dan awal 70-an, ramai yang mempercayai bahawa lagu-lagu popular Inggeris ada mengandungi mesej tersirat apabila dimainkan secara songsang. Contohnya kalau ada lagu yang berbunyi "Dog Si Eh" apabila mendengarnya secara biasa, apabila dimainkan songsang lagu tersebut akan berbunyi "He is God". Banyak kumpulan rock ketika itu berlumba-lumba cuba memasukkan "mesej tersirat" ini di dalam lagu mereka, secara sedar ataupun tidak sedar, seperti The Beatles, The Eagles, Led Zepplin, Kiss, Styx dan banyak lagi.

Namun, terdapat beberapa lagu yang mempunyai mesej songsang ini dimasukkan secara tidak sengaja. Maksudnya, ketika penulis lagu tersebut hendak memasukkan lirik, beliau tidak menyangka bahawa liriknya akan berbunyi lain apabila dimainkan secara songsang. Jika dilihat bagaimana halusnya mesej tersebut dimasukkan, ramai yang berpendapat bahawa lagu tersebut hanya boleh dilakukan oleh kuasa yang bukan milik manusia. Dalam konteks ini, ramai yang berpendapat bahawa perkara dilakukan oleh iblis sendiri untuk mengelirukan umat manusia.

  • Hotel California (The Eagles)
Selalu kita dengar di corong-corong radio dan selalu juga menjadi "favourite" di kelab karaoke. Mungkin ramai yang tidak sedar bahawa lgu ini bukanlah menceritakan tentang hotel seperti Shangri La atau Concorde, tetapi lagu ini mengisahkan tentang gereja syaitan yang pertama di Amerika Syarikat diasaskan oleh Anton Le Vay pada tahun 1969. California di sini merupakan nama sebatang jalan di Los Angeles terletaknya mana gereja syaitan tersebut. Ramai artis terkenal ketika itu menganggotai gereja ini.

Sebelum generasi baru kini mengenal CD, orang-orang duhulu menggunakan piring hitam. Kulit dalam album Hotel California memaparkan gambar lobby sebuah hotel yang dipenuhi oleh pengunjung. Namun jika diperhatikan betul-betul, imej lelaki di belakang kaunter hotel tersebut bukanlah sebuah gambar, tetapi sebuah "lukisan" yang di "paste" kan dalam gambar tersebut. Lelaki tersebut ialah Anton Le Vay. Jika anda lihat di bahagian atas sebelah kanan, anda akan dapat melihat lembaga perempuan yang agak menakutkan sedang menerkam dari atas ke pengunjung yang berada di bawah. Selain itu, ada baris dalam lagu tersebut yang apabila dimainkan secara biasa akan kedengaran:

"There were voices down the corridor, thought I heard them say, Welcome to the hotel California."

Namun bila dimainkan secara songsang, mesejnya akan berbunyi:
"Yeah Satan, he organized, oh, he organized his own religion. Yeah, when he knows he should, how nice it was delicious, he puts it in a vet he fixes it for his son which he gives away".

Lirik lagu tersebut mengisahkan perihal seorang lelaki yang sesat di tengah jalan padang pasir yang gelap terjumpa dengan sebuah bangunan seperti hotel yang mana seterusnya beliau bermalam. Kemudian beliau menceritakan bagaimana beliau berjumpa dengan berbagai penghuni hotel yang pelik-pelik dan seterusnya terserempak dengan suatu upacara pemujaan di dalam sebuah bilik "In the master's chambers, they gathered for a feast. They stabbed it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast". Permandangan ini menakutkan beliau dan beliau cuba lari dari tempat tersebut. Namun apabila beliau tiba di pintu, beliau ditahan oleh penjaga bangunan tersebut yang mengatakan "you can check out anytime you like, but you could NEVER leave...."

Menurut Glenn Frey dan Don Henley, penulis lagu tersebut, ketika menulis lirik "Hotel California" mereka seakan didorong oleh "kuasa ghaib" yang "menuliskan" liriknya. Dua tiga hari selepas lagu tersebut siap, barulah mereka mengetahui bagaimana lirik lagu tersebut menceritakan perihal gereja Anton Le Vay tersebut sedangkan mereka langsung tidak menyedari sebelumnya.

  • Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

Lagu ini merupakan contoh pertama apabila berbicara tentang mesej syaitan yang disongsangkan dalam lagu. Ketika itu, Led Zepplin merupakan peminat Aleister Crowley, salah seorang paderi syaitan yang terkenal di barat. Malah Jimmy Page, anggota kumpulan Led Zepplin telah membeli rumah Crowley di Scotland tidak lama dahulu, yang dikenali oleh pengikut syaitan sebagai "The Toolhouse" dan sebelum ini digunakan sebagai lokasi pemujaan Crowley juga menggalakkan pengikutnya supaya belajar bercakap dan membaca secara songsang.

Salah satu dari petikan lagu tersebut, apabila dimainkan secara biasa akan berbunyi:
"If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alone now, it's just a spring clean for the May queen. Yes there are two paths you can go back, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on".

Tetapi apabila disongsangkan, lagu tersebut akan berbunyi:
"Here's to my sweet Satan. The one whose little path would make me sad, whose power is satan. He'll give you 666, there was a little toolshed where he made us suffer, sad Satan".

Satu lagi baris lagu tersebut berbunyi:
"Your stairway lies on the whispering wind"

Dan apabila disongsangkan akan berbunyi:
"Because I live with Satan"

Layari jika anda tidak percaya

Kalau dilihat contoh-contoh di atas, perhatikan bagaimana bahasa yang jika dipertuturkan secara biasa membawa sesuatu erti tetapi apabila disongsangkan membawa erti yang sungguh berlainan sekali. Contohnya apabila kita menyebut "wake up", apabila disongsangkan akan seolah-olah berbunyi "f**k you".

Wanita vs Pokok Semalu

Untuk renungan bersama....

Pada suatu hari, Rasulullah s.a.w berjalan-jalan bersama puteri baginda, Saidatina Fatimah r.a. Setibanya mereka berdua di bawah sebatang pohon tamar, Fatimah terpijak pohon semalu, kakinya berdarah lalu mengadu kesakitan. Fatimah mengatakan kepada bapanya apalah gunanya pohon semalu itu berada di situ dengan nada yang sedikit marah. Rasulullah dengan tenang berkata kepada puteri kesayangannya itu bahawasanya pohon semalu itu amat berkait rapat dengan wanita. Fatimah terkejut. Rasulullah menyambung kata-katanya lagi. Para wanita hendaklah mengambil pengajaran daripada pohon semalu ini dari 4 aspek.

Pertama, pohon semalu akan kuncup apabila disentuh. Ini boleh diibaratkan bahawa wanita perlu mempunyai perasaan malu (pada tempatnya).

Kedua, semalu mempunyai duri yang tajam untuk mempertahankan dirinya. Oleh itu, wanita perlu tahu mempertahankan diri dan maruah sebagai seorang wanita muslim.

Ketiga, semalu juga mempunyai akar tunjang yang sangat kuat dan mencengkam bumi. Ini bermakna wanita solehah hendaklah mempunyai keterikatan yang sangat kuat dengan Allah Rabbul Alamin.

Dan akhir sekali, semalu akan kuncup dengan sendirinya apabila senja menjelang. Oleh itu, para wanita sekalian, kembalilah ke rumahmu apabila waktu semakin senja. Ambillah pengajaran dari semalu walau pun ia hanya sepohon tumbuhan yang kecil.


On The Feast

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Faiz dengan gayanya cool nya yang tersendiri.......

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Wan, Sobre dengan posing mautnya.........

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Gambar ni blur la. I wonder who is the cameraman/camerawoman????

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Izzati with her Hot Wheels car gave by Farid. CTM still with her (what do we called it)???, oh ya keayuannya.

Taken using KODAK LS633 ZOOM Digital Camera on 1 October 2005. Source: Izzati

Arifah, sleepy aah!!!
Rafhanah, dah la tu makan. Cukupla woi

Note: The date on the pictures are not precise with the current date.



Sulaman kasih baju kebaya
Kain batiknya berbelah tepi
Bila terkenang budi dan jasa
Hati pilu sayu sepi

Kain songket tenunan tangan
Buatan nan rapi lagi berseri
Sekalung doa mengiringi pemergian
Agar rohmu senantiasa dirahmati

Ucapan takziah dan rasa pilu yang teramat kepada
YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sekeluarga
atas pemergian isteri dan bonda tercinta
Ybhg. Datin Seri Paduka Endon Dato' Mahmood Ambak ke Rahmatullah

Sample Answer of Question 1 Paper 1 Malacca Trial Exam 2005 by Muhammad Akmal Zainal Abidin, September 2005

Thank you to the Master of Ceremony. A very good morning to the Principal, Senior Assistant One, Senior Assistant of Students Affair, Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum, teachers and students on the floor. I feel greatly honoured and privileged to stand here before you to give a talk. As a Health Officer from The Ministry of Health, I have been invited by the Parent-Teacher Association of PTA of this school to give a speech to all of you about “How to prevent dengue in school”.

Many of us are very afraid of this deadly disease. Actually this disease occurred because of out bad habits. We throw rubbish everywhere we want, let out environment dirty and many more. This disease is not a mosquito’s fault. It is our fault. So, today I will tell all of you how to prevent this fearful and deadly disease in school.

First, the students must clean up the school compound. The cleaning must be done everyday to demolish the entire mosquitoes’ habitats. The mosquitoes usually sting people in the morning and evening. So, students do not need an exercise in the morning. They just have to divide in groups and start the cleaning operations immediately. The teachers have to keep an eye on the students to avoid them from playing truant fro these cleaning operations.

Teachers also play an enormous role in this disease prevention. They need to create awareness through exhibitions such as “Meet The Aedes”, “Know About Mosquitoes” and “Dengue The Deadly Disease” must be held at schools. Through these exhibitions, students will be exposed about dengue. Teachers also must send students to anti dengue seminars. During these seminars, students will be thought about how to prevent dengue fever in school. Thus, the dengue fever cases in school will be reduced.

Parents are also very important people in these dengue preventions. They have to come to the school when there is anti-dengue campaign. They have to teach their children about dengue fever and encourage them to be clean anytime, and anywhere. They also must support the school with the cleaning operations, exhibitions, and campaigns by donating some money or at least offer a hand. By the parents’ support, the anti-dengue campaign will be held excellently. As a result, this deadly disease of dengue cases in school will be reduced and finally the school will be cleared from this disease.

The Municipal Council also must helps and supports the school during the anti-dengue campaigns by provides services such as supplying the tools. They must cooperate with the students and teachers to ensure the cleaning operations are done excellently. With the support by the Municipal Council, the high risk or dangerous area at the school will be cleaned easily. They cannot allow students to clean underground drains and pipes on the roof.

Finally, I hope you are benefited with my advice today. I hope the school will take actions in anti-dengue campaigns. All of us must appreciate our health because it is a priceless gift from our God. Okay, that is all for my speech today. Remember, “Prevention is better than cure” and “Health is wealth”. Thank you.

Changes I Would Like to Have in My School by Muhammad Akmal Zainal Abidin, September 2005

School is the place where people sit and study. It is also a place that keeps many memorable things. Some students meet their first love in school but some students meet their horrible and terrible memories in their school. The school’s environment plays an important role in a student’s excellence. My school needs many changes because it is very old.

Firstly, the entrance of the school must have scanners that able to check anything from as small as a molecule until big as an elephant. This scanners record anything that pass it. If it finds any suspicious things such as drugs, cigarettes, porn CD’s and weapons, the controller room will be alerted and the enforcement team will catch the person.

The car park is also equipped with high performance lock that can prevent the teachers’ car from being stolen. This lock can be opened with the secret code. The car park is also secured with armed guards to ensure the safety of the teachers’ cars.

The canteen in my school must be secured with hidden cameras and laser scanners to avoid students from stealing the food. The business at the canteen is done by the professionals with high technology tools to ensure satisfaction among the students. The food served is also nourished and delicious. The price is also affordable.

The hall of my school is enormous, wide and beautiful. It is equipped with surround sound by Dolby Digital Company, extra comfortable cushions and designed by an architect from Japan. The huge screen from Victor Company of Japan (JVC) gives clear vision to the audience. The hall is also secured by hidden cameras and equipped with fire extinguisher that is able to prevent huge fire in just 0.0002 seconds.

On my school tower, there is a landing area for helicopters. My principal is a multi billionaire person. So, he goes to school in his helicopters to avoid traffic jams in the city. There is also a mini zoo to enable students to research and learn more about zoology. There are about 50 types of animals in the mini zoo.

The schools’ science laboratory is equipped with modern tools and high technology gadgets. The laboratory is also secured by hidden cameras and laser scanners to ensure no students steal the tools from the laboratory. There is a special room for the nuclear and radioactive lessons. It located 15 kilometres underground to ensure the safety of the chemicals.

The computer laboratory is very huge. There are 2586 computers, 1838 laptops and 923 pocket PC’s. The internet connection is very fast as it equipped with the latest modem from Japan. The laboratory is a wireless connectivity area that enable students use their wireless gadgets everywhere in this laboratory with no borders.

My school is equipped with international sports facilities. There are tennis court, badminton court, football and hockey stadium, basketball court and cycling tracks. The courts, stadiums and the track is 100 percent safe from any dangers.

These changes in my school will help students to understand more about their lessons. With technology tools and gadgets, secured with cameras and laser scanners, I think my school will be the safest, cleanest and most beautiful school in the world.

The Feast

Synopsis of The Pearl and Notes (part two)

I'm so sorry because I have promised to publish weekly the next part. Here it comes...
Chapter 2

The second chapter opens with a description of the natural world that Kino inhabits. There are crabs, lobsters, eels, sea horses, and poison fish in the gulf waters. Pigs and dogs wander on the beach in search of food. It is a world resplendent in beauty; but it is also an environment where only the fittest survive.

After leaving the doctor's house, Kino and Juana walk slowly to the beach. Kino strokes his canoe, which is his symbol of security. The canoe has been passed down from his grandfather to his father before him, and it provides him the means of supporting his family. It is his most prized possession. Juana places Coyotito on a blanket in the canoe. She then wades into the water, gathers some brown seaweed, makes a damp poultice from it, and applies it to the baby's shoulder. Then, Kino and Juana slide the canoe into the water and paddle to an oyster bed. Kino, who is weighted down with a stone, starts diving in search of pearls. Kino selects a few large shells. He then notices a very large oyster, which, before it closes down, reveals a pale, ghostly gleam. Kino picks it up and surfaces. In Juana's presence, he opens the smaller oysters before opening the large one. As he pries open the large oyster, he finds inside a great pearl, "perfect as the moon, as big as a seagull's egg." Its iridescence, shape, size, and sheer beauty make both Kino and Juana hold their breaths. They know it is the most perfect pearl in the world. At the same moment, Juana looks at the baby and notices that the swelling has subsided. Kino's emotions overflow; he lets out a joyous shout, which makes the other pearl divers race towards him.


In this chapter, the Gulf is described in all its might and splendour. "The uncertain air that magnified some things and blotted out others hung over the whole Gulf." As a pearl diver, Kino knows the power of the ocean; he respects and admires this watery environment that provides his living. He views it dreamily and with imagination. As soon as he returns from the doctor, Kino, with Juana and Coyotito still with him, heads to the beach, launches his canoe, and begins to dive. He has already lost precious time, and the other pearl divers are already hard at their work.

Just as Kino respects the gulf, he also respects his canoe. It is inherited property, a tie to his family and his past; it also provides a source of food, for a man with a boat "can guarantee a woman that she will eat something". Kino takes particular care of his boat, repairing it by the secret method that his father has taught him. There is obviously much family pride in Kino.

It is also obvious that Kino and his family are natural people, in tune with the gifts that nature provides. Juana uses an age-old, natural technique of applying a poultice to curb the swelling on her baby's shoulder. Although it is a primitive treatment, it makes a difference, for the swelling begins to subside. Deprived of the modern conveniences enjoyed by the people in the town, both Juana and Kino have learned to make use of the things around them; they have both become resourceful.

As Kino dives, in search of pearls, another ancient song is introduced; it is "The Song of the Pearl That Might Be," which is a song of hope about finding the pearl that would positively and permanently change the life of the diver. As the song passes through Kino's head, he dreams about receiving proper medical help for his son and providing him a good education.

The seabed is described with great detail. There are grey oysters "with ruffles like skirts" and barnacle-crusted oysters. It is a rich bed, teeming with life. In fact, this bed made the king of Spain a great power in Europe. The treasures taken from this bed had helped him pay for wars and churches. Kino now dreams about the bed also making him rich. He would like to find a big pearl, which would be "a little pat on the back by God" for his hard work.

Kino retrieves several small oysters before spying a giant one that seems to have a pearl inside. When he surfaces with his catch, Kino, with Juana watching opens the little oysters first, making certain he does not anger the gods by seeming over eager. As he finally pries open the large oyster, the couple spies the treasure inside. The pearl is so marvellous that it inspires reverence. It is "the great pearl, perfect as the moon . . . It captured the light and refined it and gave it back in silver incandescence". As Kino admires his treasure, the secret melody of the pearl breaks out, "clear and beautiful, rich and warm and lovely, glowing and gloating and triumphant". Looking at the pearl's surface, Kino can almost see his hopes, his dreams, and his aspirations before him. As a result, his emotions overflow, and he shouts with joy. The pearl seems to be an answer to his prayers; ironically, the pearl becomes a force of evil that destroys his happy family life and pleasant natural existence. In Kino's battered and callused hand, symbolic of the simple, natural life; the pearl is lovely and a force for good; the civilized world, however, will only be able to see it materialistically. To foreshadow the disasters that later await him, the chapter ends with the other pearl divers closing in on Kino to see what has caused him to scream.

50 Tips Pikat Lelaki

  1. Sentiasa tersenyum dan jangan bersikap sombong apabila berinteraksi dengan mereka.
  2. Pandai memasak adalah ciri-ciri utama mengapa lelaki mudah terpikat dengan anda.
  3. Berpewatakan menarik mampu menarik minat mereka.
  4. Jujur dan sentiasa merendah diri.
  5. Lakukan apa yang dia suka dan jangan lakukan apa yang dia tidak suka.
  6. Mempunyai bentuk badan yang menarik (terpulang kepada individu).
  7. Mempunyai tingkah laku yang baik dan lemah lembut.
  8. Pandai dalam memainkan peranan sebagai seorang wanita ketika berada di samping lelaki yang anda minati.
  9. Jangan terlalu mengongkong.
  10. Ketika berinteraksi dengan mereka jangan lupa gunakan bahasa tubuh yang anda ketahui seperti mata dan tangan.
  11. Jaga cara pemakaian anda, seksi atau tidak terpulang kepada lelaki yang anda minati.
  12. Sering memberikan kad ucapan buat si dia yang kamu minati untuk 'plan' pertama memikat dirinya.
  13. Lelaki sukakan wanita yang suka berterus terang tanpa menyembunyikan sesuatu.
  14. Apabila berhadapan dengan lelaki yang kamu minati, renungi matanya dan tunjukkan sifat humor kamu. Ini adalah taktik untuk memberitahu si dia bahawa kamu boleh didekati tetapi bukan bererti kamu ini perempuan murahan dan mudah didekati.
  15. Jangan bersikap selalu jual mahal apabila berada bersama mereka.
  16. Bijak menyesuaikan diri dalam apa jua keadaan.
  17. Tidak mudah putus asa dan sentiasa berdiri di atas kaki sendiri tanpa meminta pertolongan dari orang lain.
  18. Jangan suka bercakap benda yang tidak berfaedah ketika bercakap dengan mereka.
  19. Jangan bandingkan 'dia' dengan lelaki-lelaki yang pernah kamu kenali.
  20. Menjadi temannya ketika dia susah dan senang.
  21. Lelaki suka kamu menjadi pendengar yang setia dan tidak suka wanita yang suka membangkang.
  22. Yang paling penting lelaki suka dimanjai dengan belaian dan kata-kata yang romantik.
  23. Bunyi derapan kasut ketika berjalan juga mampu menarik perhatian lelaki.
  24. Lelaki tidak suka jika kamu memakai mekap yang terlalu tebal.
  25. Mengetahui bila hari lahirnya.
  26. Menghormati dirinya, keluarga dan teman-teman yang rapat dengannya.
  27. Bersikap matang dalam tutur-kata dan tingkah laku. Lelaki tidak suka wanita yang bersikap terlalu kebudak-budakan.
  28. Agresif.
  29. Jangan terlalu 'excited' ketika bertemu dan berbual dengannya. Contohnya berbual terlalu lama di telefon untuk perkenalan pertama.
  30. Jangan terlalu bersikap 'kelakian' dan ganas dalam pergaulan.
  31. Jangan terlalu menunjukkan bahawa kamu ini terlalu baik dan 'perfect'.
  32. Jangan perasan bahawa kamu ini mempunyai paras rupa yang jelita.
  33. Sentiasa memegang prinsip sederhana dan tidak boros di dalam perbelanjaan.
  34. Bersikap keibuan adalah antara tips yang perlu kamu titik beratkan.
  35. Sentiasa bercakap lembut dengan mereka.
  36. Ketahuilah mereka ini adalah golongan yang terlalu sensitif dan suka akan kelembutan apatah lagi dari seorang gadis.
  37. Kenali siapa dirinya sebenarnya sebelum kamu memulakan langkah untuk memikat.
  38. Lelaki sukakan wanita yang suka menjaga kulit. Jangan biarkan wajah kamu dipenuhi jerawat batu!
  39. Aset penting bagi kamu untuk memikat lelaki adalah mata, punggung dan gaya langkah kamu yang kemas.
  40. Jangan bersikap terlalu kuno.
  41. Bertanya khabar sekurang-kurangnya dua kali seminggu agar tali persahabatan kamu dengannya tidak putus begitu sahaja. Mungkin suatu hari nanti sikap kamu yang terlalu mengambil berat mampu menarik perhatiannya.
  42. Usia dan bentuk badan bukan menjadi ukuran yang penting tetapi kecerdikan, kejujuran dan tingkah laku yang bersopan-santun.
  43. Lelaki sukakan seorang wanita yang beriman dan beragama namun begitu kamu tidaklah perlu terlalu alim.
  44. Menunjukkan bahawa kamu bukanlah seorang gadis yang mudah dipermainkan.
  45. Jangan terlalu merengek dan mengada-ngada.
  46. Jangan tunjukkan kelemahan kamu ketika berada di samping lelaki yang kamu minati.
  47. Lelaki sukakan wanita yang bijaksana dan matang serta mudah diajak berbincang.
  48. Berjaya di dalam apa jua bidang yang kamu ceburi.
  49. Tidak terlalu meminta dan jaga tata tertib kamu di meja makan.
  50. Jangan terlalu over nanti lelaki akan meluat pula dengan kamu!

2005 SBP's Chemistry Questions for Section C

Bahagian C ( 20 markah )
Jawab mana-mana satu soalan daripada bahagian ini.
Masa yang dicadangkan untuk menjawab Bahagian C ialah 30 minit

Soalan 3
(a) Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan asid kuat? Bandingkan sifat kekonduksian elektrik antara asid hidroklorik dengan asid etanoik. [6 markah]
  • Asid yang tercerai sepenuhnya apabila larut dalam air menghasilkan
  • kepekatan ion H+ yang tinggi
  • Kekonduksian elektrik bagi asid hidroklorik lebih tinggi berbanding asid etanoik
  • bilangan ion yang bergerak bebas lebih banyak dalam asid hidroklorik berbanding asid etanoik
  • kerana asid hidroklorik ialah asid kuat
  • dan asid etanoik ialah asid lemah

(b) Asid hidroklorik dan asid sulfurik boleh bertindak balas dengan logam magnesium menghasilkan garam dan gas hidrogen. Bandingkan kadar tindak balas bagi kedua-dua tindak balas ini. Jelaskan jawapan anda. [ 4 markah ]

  • asid hidroklorik ialah asid monobes manakala asid sulfurik ialah asid dwibes
  • kepekatan ion H+ dalam asid sulfurik lebih tinggi berbanding asid hidroklorik
  • frekuensi perlanggaran berkesan antara ion H+ dalam asid sulfurik dengan atom magnesium lebih tinggi berbanding asid hidroklorik
  • kadar tindakbalas asid sulfurik dengan logam magnesiumlebih tinggi berbanding asid hidroklorik

(c) Anda dikehendaki menyediakan garam kuprum(II) sulfat yang kering. Huraikan satu eksperimen makmal bagaimana anda dapat menyediakan garam tersebut. Dalam huraian anda sertakan persamaan yang terlibat. [ 10 markah ]

  • [ Bahan yang betul ] cth asid sulfurik dan kuprum(II) oksida/kuprum(II) karbonat/kuprum(II) hidroksida
  • [(25 – 100 cm3) asid sulfurik cair [0.1 – 2 mol dm-3] dimasukkan ke dalam bikar / kelalang kon / bekas yang sesuai
  • dan dipanaskan
  • pepejal kuprum(II)oksida / kuprum(II) karbonat/kuprum(II) hidroksida ditambahkan ke dalamnya secara berlebihan/sehingga terdapat pepejal yang tak larut lagi
  • campuran dikacau
  • hasil tindakbalas dituras
  • Panaskan hasil turasan sehingga 1/3 isipadu asal / tepu
  • Sejukkan dan turaskan
  • Keringkan hablur garam dengan kertas turas
  • [Persamaan] CuO + H2SO4 → CuSO4 + H2O / CuCO3 + H2SO4 → CuSO4 + CO2 + H2O / Cu(OH)2 + H2SO4 → CuSO4 + H2O
Soalan 4
(a) Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan mangkin? Berikan satu contoh penggunaan mangkin. [ 2 markah ]
  • Bahan yang mengubah kadar sesuatu tindak balas tanpa mengalami perubahan kimia
  • Larutan kuprum(II) sulfat – meninggikan kadar tindak balas antara zink dengan asid sulfurik cair/ serbuk besi dalam penghasilan ammonia/ contoh yang sesuai

(b) Berdasarkan teori perlanggaran zarah, terangkan bagaimana faktor-faktor berikut mempengaruhi kadar tindak balas kimia [8 markah]
(i) saiz bahan

  • Semakin kecil saiz bahan, semakin besar jumlah luas permukaan
  • Frekuensi perlanggaran antara zarah bertambah
  • Frekuensi perlanggaran berkesan bertambah
  • kadar tindak balas bertambah/meningkat

(ii) kepekatan

  • Larutan yang pekat mengandungi lebih banyak zarah dalam satu unit isipadu
  • Frekuensi perlanggaran antara zarah-zarah bahan tindak balas bertambah
  • Frekuensi perlanggaran berkesan bertambah
  • kadar tindak balas bertambah /meningkat

(c) Sebentuk cincin besi boleh diperbaiki rupanya dengan menyadurkannya dengan argentum melalui proses elektrolisis. Huraikan satu eksperimen bagaimana anda dapat membuktikan kebenaran pernyataan di atas. Dalam huraian anda, sertakan gambar rajah susunan radas dan persamaan yang terlibat. [ 10 markah ]

[Markah 1 dan 2 adalah untuk gambar rajah]

  • [Susunan radas: elektrod logam argentum. Cincin besi, (sel kering), ammeter, larutan berlorek]
  • [Label: anod, argentum; katod, cincin besi; elektrolit, argentum nitrat]

[Markah 3 hingga 6 ialah prosedur]

  • Isikan larutan argentum nitrat ke dalam sebuah bikar
  • Sambungkan elektrod argentum ke terminal positif sel kering dan cincin besi ke terminal negatif menggunakan wayar
  • Celupkan elektrod argentum dan cincin besi ke dalam larutan argentum nitrat
  • Lengkapkan litar

[Markah 7 hingga 10 ialah untuk pemerhatian dan persamaan]
7,8 [Pemerhatian]

  • Elektrod argentum melarut/menipis/terkakis
  • Enapan kelabu berkilat terbentuk di permukaan cincin besi


  • Di anod : Ag → Ag+ + e-
  • Di katod: Ag+ + e- → Ag

2005 SBP's Trial Questions for Section D

Question 32

Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

There’s Been a Death in the Opposite House

There’s been a death in the opposite house
As lately as today.
I know it by the numb look
Such houses have always.

The neighbors rustle in and out,
The doctor drives away.
A window opens like a pod,
Abrupt, mechanically;

Somebody flings a mattress out, -
The children hurry by;
They wonder if It died on that, -
I used to when a boy.

The minister goes stiffly in
As if the house were his,
And he owned all the mourners now,
And little boys besides;

And then the milliner, and the man
Of the appalling trade,
To take the measure of the house.
There’ll be that dark parade

Of tassels and of coaches soon;
It’s easy as a sign, -
The intuition of the news
In just a country town

Emily Dickinson

(a) Why do the neighbors rustle in and out of the house? (1 mark)

(b) The word It in stanza 3 refers to (1 mark)

(c) Which line in the poem portrays the role of the minister? (1 mark)

(d) In your opinion, why does the poet relate the word dark to the parade? (2 marks)

Question 33
Read the extract from the short story Looking for a Rain God below and answer the questions that follow.

The adults paid no attention to this: they did not even hear the funny chatter; they sat waiting for the rain; their nerves were stretched to breaking-point willing the rain to fall out of the sky. Nothing was important, beyond that. All their animals had been sold during the bad years to purchase food, and of all their herd only two goats were left. It was the women of the family who finally broke down under the strain of waiting for rain. It was really the two women who caused the death of the little girls.

(a) Whose funny chatter was it? (1 mark)

(b) What did the family do in order to survive the drought? (1 mark)

(c) Who killed the little girls? (1 mark)

(d) Do you think it is right for the girls to be killed? Give a reason. (2 marks)


32a to pay their last respects to the family of the dead (1 mark)

32b the dead person / the deceased / the corpse / the dead body (1 mark)

32c And he owned all the mourners now (1 mark)

32d To merit 2 marks, students are required to include any TWO of the following elements :

= It was a funeral procession / someone had just died
= They looked so sad / they looked so gloomy / they were in tears
= They were wearing mourning/ black clothes

**Accept any other relevant answers (2 marks / 0)

33a the girls’ / the chatter of Neo & Boseyong (1 mark)

33b they sold their animals (1 mark)

33c Ramadi & Mokgobja (1 mark)

33d Yes, they are running out of options after waiting for seven years for rain to fall
No, it is against our religion to kill people / children are to be loved, not sacrificed to get rain (2 marks / 0)

**Accept any other relevant answer

Our Class On Ceria Merdeka


Hydrocarbons for the 21st Century
Hydrocarbons derived from petroleum, natural gas, or coal are essential in many ways to modern life and its quality. The bulk of the world’s hydrocarbons is used for fuels, electrical power generation, and heating. The chemical, petrochemical, plastics and rubber industries are also dependent upon hydrocarbons as raw materials for their products. Indeed, most industrially significant synthetic chemicals are derived from petroleum sources. The overall oil use of the world now exceeds ten million metric tons a day. Ever increasing world population (about 6 billion to increase to 10 billion in a few decades) and energy consumption and finite non-renewable fossil fuel resources, which are going to be increasingly depleted, are clearly on a collision course. New solutions will be needed for the 21st century if we are to maintain the standard of living the industrialized world has gotten used to and the developing world is striving to achieve.
Hydrocarbon Chemistry
Hydrocarbons, the principal compounds of oil and natural gas, have to be chemically altered to make useful products and materials. This is carried out by chemical and petrochemical industries in processes such as isomerization, alkylation homologation, etc. These processes are frequently catalyzed by acids and involve electron deficient intermediates called carbocations. The Loker Institute has pioneered new methods to study such processes and their mechanisms. Research is also aimed at more efficient utilization of fossil fuel resources including recycling of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) to useful materials. Studies are also directed towards developing new synthetic methodologies for chemical bond making and bond breaking processes. Polymeric materials derived from simple hydrocarbon precursors are the basis for new materials with exceptional electrical, optical, and magnetic properties. These materials find applications in information technology, photochemical energy conversion and biomedical devices.
(adapted from

Bijak Belajar

Langkah -langkah Bijak Menjelang Peperiksaan

  1. Bertenang dan melapangkan fikiran.
  2. Melakukan ulang kaji bagi topik-topik yang penting.
  3. Tidur yang mencukupi.
  4. Menjaga kesihatan diri.
  5. Menjaga pemakanan dengan memakan makanan yang berkhasiat dan berzat.
  6. Bagi pelajar Islam, perbanyakkan sembahyang hajat .
  7. Membuat dan membaca nota-nota ringkas.
  8. Mengadakan senaman kesihatan fizikal untuk mengeluarkan peluh.
  9. Beriadah dan berekreasi di tempat-tempat yang sesuai kerana badan yang cergas akan meransang kecerdasan otak.
  10. Meminta doa dan restu ibu bapa dan guru-guru.
  11. Belajar pada waktu yang difikirkan sesuai.
  12. Mengkaji bentuk-bentuk soalan peperiksaan dengan bantuan guru dan rakan-rakan.
  13. Menjawab soalan yang sama seperti format peperiksaan sebenar.
  14. Datang lebih awal ke dewan peperiksaan sebelum peperiksaan bermula.
  15. Menyediakan segala kelengkapan peperiksaan yang diperlukan.
  16. Bersarapan sebelum masuk ke dewan peperiksaan dengan sarapan yang berzat supaya tenaga fizikal dan minda cukup untuk menghadapi peperiksaan.
  17. Elakkan mengadakan perbincangan tentang topik-topik hangat atau kaedah menjawab sebelum dan selepas peperiksaan.
  18. Mematuhi arahan peperiksaan yang telah ditetapkan.
  19. Membaca dengan teliti setiap arahan yang terdapat pada setiap kertas soalan.
  20. Menjawab soalan berpandukan soalan yang telah dipilih.
  21. Pastikan pelajar menjawab semua soalan yang dikemukakan mengikut arahan yang dinyatakan.

Synopsis of The Pearl and Notes (part one)

Chapter 1
The novel begins at the break of dawn. Kino wakes up and sees his wife Juana already at her chores of watching the baby and making breakfast. Kino takes the time to play with his dog and watch the hut. It is a picture of familial contentment. Suddenly, a tiny movement near the baby's hanging box draws attention. A scorpion, with its tail sticking out, is poised, waiting to strike the infant. Kino waits with baited breath, and Juana prays. Soon Coyotito moves, and the scorpion falls on his shoulder, stinging him. Kino immediately kills the scorpion, but the harm is already done. Juana tells her husband to go and bring the doctor. When the neighbours say he will not come, the couple takes the baby into town to see the doctor. As they travel, neighbours join them, and they all believe the doctor will refuse to treat the baby of such a poor man.

Kino knocks on the doctor's door and the neighbours stand by and watch. A native servant opens the door, and Kino explains what he needs. When the servant explains the situation to his master, the doctor inquires if the Indian man has enough money to pay his fee. Kino can only offer some worthless pearls as payment, so he is turned away with his son Coyotito. The neighbours quietly take their leave, and Kino, in anger and frustration, pounds on the gate.

The first chapter opens with a wonderful description of Kino's pleasant and simple family life. It is daybreak, and the light is beginning to dispel the darkness. (Ironically, in most of the novel, symbolic darkness (evil) will dispel the light (the happiness of Kino's existence)). On this morning, all is peaceful and calm as Juana cooks breakfast. Unfortunately, calamity soon strikes when the scorpion stings their infant son. The scorpion, which attacks the child and disrupts the family, foreshadows the human evil that the family will later endure. The human "poison," however, will prove much more destructive than the sting of the scorpion, both to the child and his family.

Kino and Juana realize their ineffectuality in dealing with the situation. Juana's incantation of magical words depicts her frustration (as well as her primitive belief in supernatural powers). Ironically, she ends with a "Hail, Mary." Kino's action is futile and overdone, as "he threw it (the scorpion) down and beat it into the earth floor with his fist.... beat and stamped the enemy until it was only a fragment and a moist place in the dirt." Kino is obviously venting his anger.

Fortunately, Juana takes control. She attempts to suck out the poison from the baby's shoulder. She also tells her husband they must see a doctor. On the advice of their neighbours, helpful rural folk, the couple carries the infant into town. The neighbours, who are friends, go along with Kino and his family. This again is a typical rural attitude, where any small incident is considered an event to be shared by the entire village. As the group proceeds towards the doctor, more and more people join in, and each tells the other of the incident that has occurred. When they reach the beggars in front of the church, these tattered men correctly guess that the doctor will not see the child. The beggars, along with other natives, become a "chorus" in the story and comment throughout the book on the action that is taking place.

Everyone in the village knows the doctor and his avaricious ways. They know about "the little brown pennies he gave sparingly for alms." At this point, the reader is made to realize the two classes, which separate the town. Kino and the other natives who belong to the country are the lower class. They hold to their old custom and primitive traditions. The doctor and the other more well to do settlers in the town form the upper class; they are part of the modern world. Kino realizes and resents the vast chasm that separates the two. But for the sake of his son, he pounds on the gate for help from the doctor, the representative of the upper class. As he waits, Kino takes off his hat in a subservient manner.

Although a servant answers the door, the doctor is described. He is attired in a "dressing-gown of red watered silk" that has come from Paris. The fat physician is sitting in bed, sipping hot chocolate from a tiny cup of eggshell china, munching on a sweet biscuit, and dreaming about a return visit to France. Upon hearing from his servant about the needs and the status of the patient, the doctor sends him back to check whether Kino can pay. Kino reveals his entire savings, a few "misshapen seed pearls, as ugly and grey as little ulcers." Upon seeing the pitiful pearls, the servant, imitating the behaviour of the upper class, closes the gate and says, "The doctor has gone out." Both the doctor and the servant, therefore, show an utter lack of sympathy. It is no wonder that Kino pounds upon the gate in frustration. He is striking out at the doctor and all he stands for. His injured hand becomes a reminder to Kino throughout the book that this upper class, false world has not place for him in it.

Juana, on the other hand, for all her timidity and servility, is seen as a strong, stoic woman, capable of immediate action, of indeterminable mental strength and a willingness to cross over to the other world to save her only child. Later on, after the introduction of the Pearl in their lives, it is she who deters her husband from keeping it; it is she who realizes the evil force behind the pearl which is going to negate their whole life and warns her husband against it. However, it is ineffectual warning, since Kino is too entranced by the pearl's value to forsake it.

It is important to notice the musical motif that is developed in this first chapter; it will appear throughout the novel. It is significant, for it always reveals the current mood of the story. When Kino awakes, he mentally sings "The Song of the Family" about love and security, which is exactly what Kino is feeling. His contentment, however, is soon interrupted by the appearance of the scorpion. Immediately, his mental tune becomes "The Song of Evil." Then as Kino approaches the doctor's house, "The Music of the Enemy" pounds in his head.

It is also important to note that Steinbeck's descriptions of the village, both inside and outside the dwellings of the villagers reinforce the contrast between the natives (old-world, lower class) and the town’s folk (modern, upper class). When Kino and his family leave their home to go to the doctor's office, they leave the dirt huts and the gentle brush behind; in town, they see only cold stone and plaster. In town, the houses are surrounded with iron gates, which appear like cages for the upper class, especially when contrasted to the freedom and closeness to nature that the natives' experience. Steinbeck seems to be saying that their worlds are so diverse that it is not possible for them to ever blend into a whole.

Finally, it is important to notice the contrasts between Kino and the doctor, for they are both representatives of their respective classes. As a diver for pearls, Kino has become strong; his body is lean and masculine. In contrast, the doctor sits in bed in a red silk gown, sipping tea and eating a sweet biscuit. Kino lives close to the earth and appreciates nature; when he wakes, he listens to the morning sounds around him and watches the ants as they scurry about. In contrast, the doctor lives in a cold stone house caged behind closed gates and locked doors. Kino has deep emotions; he shows love for his wife and son, is at peace with nature, and sings about his feelings. The doctor, on the other hand, seems to have no emotion. He will not even bother to look at the infant stung by a scorpion because his father cannot pay the fee.


Para pelajar selalu didedahkan dengan belajar secara berkumpulan. Tetapi, tidak ramai yang benar-benar mempraktikkannya. Daripada jumlah tersebut, hanya sebilangan kecil sahaja yang benar-benar mendapat manfaat daripada teknik yang sangat berguna ini. Kenapa? Mungkin kerana ada beberapa perkara asas yang diabaikan oleh sesetengah pelajar. Tip pelajar bulan ini akan mengutarakan beberapa petua asas untuk mereka yang hendak belajar dalam kumpulan. Baca dengan teliti dan berfikirlah cara-cara untuk mewujudkan sebuah kumpulan belajar yang efektif. Yang berikut merupakan TIGA petua tersebut:
Pilih ahli kumpulan yang sesuai. Jangan terlalu ramai, nanti akan menjadi kelab borak. Jumlah anda 5 - 7 sudah cukup memadai. Ahli kumpulan yang baik juga perlulah mempunyai kepandaian yang berbeza. Jika seorang pandai dalam Fizik, seorang lagi dalam Matematik, seorang lagi dalam Bahasa Inggeris, dan begitulah seterusnya. Jika semuanya pandai dalam Matematik dan lemah dalam Bahasa Inggeris, maka fungsi kumpulan akan berkurangan.
Tentukan proses ulang kaji yang sesuai dibuat dalam kumpulan. Bukan semua ulang kaji sesuai dalam kumpulan. Ada yang sesuai, ada yang tidak. Antara proses pembelajaran yang sesuai dalam kumpulan termasuklah membuat kerja kursus, membuat pembentangan kelas, mengulang kaji secara pembentangan, membuat latihan lisan, dan beberapa lagi. Ada juga ulang kaji yang sesuai dibuat seorang diri, contohnya jika anda ingin mendalami sesuatu konsep tertentu.
Tetapkan peraturan kumpulan. Setiap ahli kumpulan perlulah bersetuju untuk menerima beberapa peraturan penting semasa belajar bersama. Contoh peraturan yang baik ialah; tidak bercakap tentang perkara lain semasa perbincangan, datang tepat pada waktu yang dijanjikan, tidak merendahkan rakan-rakan yang lain, melakukan tugasan dengan sebaik mungkin dan banyak lagi. Jika perlu, berikanlah masa beberapa minit untuk menghasilkan peraturan kumpulan ini. Jika kumpulan dibentuk untuk jangka masa yang lama, ada eloknya peraturan ini ditulis dan diberikan kepada setiap ahli yang lain. Tindakan ini seakan-akan satu ‘kontrak' sesama ahli kumpulan tersebut.


Sabor dibawa oleh saudaranya, Jibor ke rumahnya dan diperkenalkan kepada isterinya, Siti Saidah. Setelah beberapa hari di rumah Jibor, Siti Saidah terlalu berahi melihat Sabor. Siti Saidah juga pernah bermukah dengan jauhari, tetapi perbuatanya itu tidak diketahui oleh suaminya. Setelah dua puluh hari Sabor di rumahnya, cinta dan berahi Siti Saidah kepada sabor semakin berkobar-kobar. Pada suatu malam, Jibor memakan majun lalu tidur dengan nyenyaknya. Siti Saidah mengambil kesempatan ini untuk menggoda Sabor. Apabila Sabor terasa ada seseorang yang memeluk dan menciumnya, dia terjaga daripada tidurnya. Dia terkejut lalu memarahi Siti Saidah kerana menduakan suaminya. Sabor menyuruh Siti Saidah ingat akan Allah dan Rasulullah.

Siti Saidah memberitahu Sabor bahawa dia sangat cinta dan berahi akan serta meminta Sabor memenuhi hajatnya. Apabila mendengar kata-kata Siti Saidah, Sabor hampir tergoda, tetapi Sabor teringat akan pesanan Raja Damsyik. Sabor juga teringat akan firman Allah yang bermaksud “Hai segala kamu yang percaya akan Allah Subhanahu wataala, jangan kamu berbuat zina bahawasanya itu terlebih keji lagi jahat perbuatan”. Sabor bertambah takut dan bersyukur kerana Allah telah melindunginya daripada melakukan zina.

Sabor kemudian marah kepada Siti Saidah dan menasihatinya supaya takut kepada Allah dan malu kepada Rasulullah. Siti Saidah masih merayu dan mencumbui Sabor, tetapi Sabor tidak melayan kehendaknya. Justeru Siti Saidah mengancam akan membunuhnya. Siti Saidah sangat marah dan mendapatkan suaminya.

Siti Saidah memfitnah Sabor dengan mengatakan bahawa Sabor hendak memperkosanya. Apabila mendengar kata-kata isterinya itu, Jibor sangat marah dan meminta supaya Siti Saidah tidak menghebohkan perkara itu dan dia akan memikirkan cara terbaik untuk membunuh Sabor. Jibor telah menghadiahi Sabor kopiah buatan Rom. Jibor mengupah empat orang sipahi (askar India) sebanyak seratus dinar setiap seorang supaya membunuh sesiapa sahaja yang memakai kopiah buatan Rom. Sebelum sembahyang fardu Subuh di masjid, Sabor terasa pening dan meninggalkan kopiah itu lalu diletakkan di mihrab. Apabila jauhari melihat kopiah itu, lalu diambil dan dipakainya, kemudian terus bersembahyang. Setelah itu datanglah empat orang askar India yang diupah oleh Jibor lalu memenggal leher jauhari yang disangkanya Sabor. Selepas itu, barulah Sabor sedar bahawa mungkin Siti Saidah yang memfitnah dirinya. Jibor berasa hairan melihat bukan Sabor yang mati, tetapi jauhari. Berdetik dalam hatinya bahawa mungkin Allah telah menyelamatkan Sabor kerana dia tidak bersalah.


Drama Puteri Li Po berkisar tentang seorang puteri yang berasal dari Tanah Besar China, Puteri Li Po yang berkahwin dengan Sultan Mansor Syah, Sultan Melaka. Puteri Li Po yang berusia dalam lingkungan 18 tahun diberikan kepada Sultan Melaka sebagai hadiah persahabatan. Puteri Li Po merupakan isteri keempat Sultan Melaka. Ketabahan dan kesabaran Puteri Li Po dalam menempuh pelbagai dugaan dalam kehidupannya ketika di Melaka, dianggap sebagai suatu kejayaan dan menunjukkan sifat kepahlawanan yang ada pada dirinya. Selain itu, Puteri Li Po juga telah berjaya menguasai bahasa Melayu walaupun masih baru menetap di situ.
Puteri Li Po mempunyai istananya sendiri. Beliau dibantu oleh dayang yang bernama Dang Wangi, Kembang China dan beberapa orang dayang yang lain. Sementara Tun Perpatih Putih dan Hang Jebat pula ditugaskan untuk mengambil tahu segala masalah yang dihadapi oleh Puteri Li Po. Sultan Mansor Syah pula jarang-jarang ke istana Puteri Li Po kerana dia beristeri empat.

Sifat kepahlawanan yang ditunjukkan itu menyebabkan Sultan Melaka menganugerahi Puteri Li Po gelaran “Hang”. Semasa penganugerahan itu, Puteri Li Po mohon Sultan menyampaikan salam hormat kepada Raja Cina bersama-samanya. Namun, Sultan enggan kerana bimbang Raja Cina mengalami ketulahan. Keadaan ini menimbulkan rasa tidak puas hati Puteri Hang Li Po. Atas dasar kasih kepada Puteri Hang Li Po, Sultan akur dengan kehendaknya. Rasa tidak puas hati Puteri Hang Li Po makin ketara dan terbawa-bawa hingga ke istananya. Puteri Hang Li Po menganggap Sultan Mansor cuba memalukannya. Namun begitu, baginda ditenangkan oleh Raden Galoh Cendera Kirana, isteri ketiga Sultan Mansor Syah yang menceritakan segala sebab dan akibat sembah tidak boleh dikirim kepada ayahanda baginda. Hal ini adalah kerana takut ayahanda baginda Puteri Hang Li Po terkena tulah Sultan Mansor Syah. Sultan Mansor Syah merupakan seorang sultan yang berdaulat. Hal ini dibuktikan apabila ayahanda Raden Galoh terkena penyakit gatal-gatal apabila sembah Sultan Mansor Syah dikirim kepada Maharaja Majapahit.

Akibat selalu kesepian dan kehausan belaian kasih sayang Sultan Mansor Syah, maka Puteri Hang Li Po telah menaruh perasaan terhadap Hang Jebat. Beliau jatuh cinta kepada Hang Jebat semenjak Hang Jebat datang ke negeri China dahulu. Namun begitu, cintanya terhadap Hang Jebat ditolak kerana Hang Jebat lebih menyayangi Dang Wangi. Hang Jebat juga tidak sanggup menderhaka Sultan Mansor Shah. Perasaan kasih Puteri Hang Li Po kepada Hang Jebat telah disuarakan oleh Dang Wangi kepada Hang Jebat ketika baginda sultan tidak bersemayam di istana kerana pergi berburu.

Puteri Hang Li Po yang sangat kecewa dan berasa malu itu asyik berkurung di dalam bilik sahaja. Dia tidak mempedulikan makan dan minumnya. Hal ini menyebabkan Dang Wangi turut berasa susah hati dan memujuk Puteri Hang Li Po. Akhirnya, Dang Wangi terpaksa berterus terang bahawa dia dan Hang Jebat saling mengasihi.

Setelah mengetahui bahawa Dang Wangi turut menyayangi Hang Jebat. Puteri Hang Li Po menjadi marah dan Dang Wangi dihantar sebagai persembahan persahabatan Puteri Hang Li Po kepada Tuanku Permaisuri Nur Pualam supaya Dang Wangi bekerja di istananya pula. Tujuan Puteri Hang Li Po bertindak sedemikian adalah supaya Hang Jebat tidak selalu datang ke istananya kerana Puteri Hang Li Po berasa malu berdepan dengan Hang Jebat.

Peristiwa Hang Jebat menolak cintanya menyedarkan Puteri Hang Li Po tentang peranannya sebagai isteri Sultan Melaka. Beliau berazam mahu mempelajari segala adat resam di negeri Melaka dengan lebih mendalam. Puteri Hang Li Po mendapat khidmat daripada Kembang Cina.

Sekembalinya baginda sultan ke istana, baginda telah diberitahu akan dua berita gembira, iaitu dengan sembuhnya penyakit Maharaja China dan Puteri Hang Li Po telah hamil. Kegembiraan ini disambut dengan pesta selama tiga hari tiga malam.


Kadangkala kita berasa tidak bersemangat dan lesu apabila berada di dalam kelas. Sebaliknya, rakan-rakan yang lain begitu bersemangat dan memberikan fokus kepada pengajaran yang diberikan oleh guru. Kenapa hal ini berlaku? Bagaimanakah caranya untuk mengatasi ‘kelesuan’ ini? Mungkin petua-petua berikut akan dapat membantu anda.

1. Buat persiapan sebelum ke kelas. Baca seimbas lalu sub topik yang akan dibincangkan dalam kelas akan datang untuk mengetahui secara kasar kerangka bahagian tersebut. Apabila guru menyebut sesuatu yang baru, otak anda tidak berasa asing kerana sudah membuat persediaan lebih awal. Terlalu banyak ‘perkara asing dan baru’ boleh menyebabkan otak penat dan bosan. Persediaan awal membuatkan anda lebih ‘bersedia dan bijaksana”. Pepatah Greek ada menyebut, “Keajaiban bermula dengan kebijaksanaan”.

2. Baca doa sebelum kelas bermula. Bacalah doa penerang hati dan banyak selawat sebelum kelas bermula. Cara ini dapat menenangkan hati dan menyediakan otak yang ‘bersedia’ untuk memberi tumpuan. Sebutkan saranan-saranan positif semasa doa seperti, “Saya seorang yang memberi tumpuan”, atau “Saya tidak suka tidur di dalam kelas”, atau “Saya pelajar yang cemerlang dan hebat”.

3. Beri perhatian, mungkin topik itu akan menjadi soalan peperiksaan. Tidak mustahil apa yang diajarkan oleh guru pada hari ini akan menjadi soalan penting dalam peperiksaan nanti. Mungkin juga menjadi soalan yang bakal ‘menyelamatkan’ anda daripada tercorot dalam prestasi pelajaran. Oleh itu, kenapa tidak anda luangkan sedikit masa untuk mendengar dan memberi perhatian? Bukannya lama, hanya antara 30 minit hingga ke satu jam sahaja.

Teacher Daslina On TV??

Yes it is. Teacher Daslina had participated in Kunci Khazanah hosted by Azhar Sulaiman
But she can't make it to round two.

It's ok as long as she tried her best